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  • Are your snacks allergen-free?
    We choose not to include gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, sesame, and lupin as we know many people do not tolerate these well.
  • Our Allergy advice
    Wicked Nutri Cookie is NOT A NUT-FREE company. Whilst we take great care to make our nut-free products separately, unfortunately, we do not advise people with severe nut allergies to consume any of our products. In our Rocky Road Cookie, the vegan marshmallow CONTAINS SOY.
  • Are your Cookies Cross Contaminated?
    In our kitchen, we don't use gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, peanuts, sesame and lupine, however, although we source all our ingredients from reliable sources we can not provide a 100% guarantee that there is no cross contamination on their behalf.
  • What's in the cookies?
    Our cookies are filled with love, nutrition, fibre, gut, allergy-friendly and preservative-free ingredients. Where we can, we use organic ingredients. We also incorporate a blend of monk fruit sugar and coconut sugar in our product, which means there are fewer calories in them. Our products contain a wide range of natural ingredients including: Hemp seed, chia seed, chia flour, apple flour, almond flour, tiger nut flour, sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, tapioca flour, arrowroot flour, cacao nib, raw cacao powder etc.
  • How long do the cookies last?
    Our cookies stay fresh at room temperature for 3-4 days in an airtight container (store the Jaffa Cookie in separate container) ; however, we think it is best to freeze them if they will not be consumed the week you receive them. Frozen they will last well over 2 months!
  • ​Can I freeze my cookies?
  • ​What is the best way to heat up the cookies?
    We recommend placing them in the oven at 150°C for 3-4 minutes, but if you are in a rush, the microwave for 5-10 seconds is a good alternative. If reheating more than one cookie in the microwave, we recommend doing them individually. We have also heard the air fryer is a good method, 4-5 minutes at 150°C.
  • Do you offer Next Day Delivery?
    YES, We offer next day delivery for orders placed Monday-Thursday. You can place orders 7 days a week however next day delivery will not be available Friday-Sunday. Please note that the next day delivery service is currently only available for the Sydney Metropolitan area.
  • How much is delivery?
    Cookies Express delivery is $16.20 (0-2 days) Gift Box Express delivery is $23/box (0-2 days)
  • What if something happens in shipment?
    We would love to have your business and support, and we are doing our very best to make sure you will have your products delivered on time and without any damage. If you feel uncomfortable or cannot agree with these policies, we recommend not to order online to avoid disappointment. We love to see our customers happy and satisfied and we are rather transparent than seeing anyone disappointed.
  • Do you deliver to Hospitals, Schools, Universities or Police stations?
    Unfortunately, due to the nature of these locations having multiple entrances and thousands of people coming and going, there is a high chance of items getting lost once delivered so we do not accept orders to Hospitals, Schools, Universities or Police stations. If you do order to one of these locations, we cannot accept responsibility for packages that are lost once delivered.
  • What's the best way to store the COOKIES?
    Our cookies stay fresh at room temperature for 3-4 days in an airtight container (Store the Jaffa Cookie in separate container) . All the cookies can also be frozen for up to 2 months.
  • Can you make cookies for our event?
    Please email us at for bulk or custom cookie orders.
  • Do you sell your Cookies in shops?
    Not yet, but we're working on it so let us know where you'd like to see them!
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